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My dissertation, Berries Bittersweet: Visual Representations of Black Female Sexuality in Contemporary American Pornography interrogates how pornography, from the s to the present, functions as an essential site in the production of black female sexuality. Closely reading a diverse pool of primary pornographic visual materials, across print, moving image and the internet, such as photographs, magazines, trade magazines, videos, DVDs, and internet website viewings, I argue that pornography offers an ambiguous casting of black female sexuality, simultaneously constructing the black female body as craved and contemned yet ultimately not merely other, but in-human not woman. Pornography's inscription of racial, sexual alterity on the black female body is both somatic and symbolic. After an overview of the history of pornography, its central yet liminal relationship to nation and oft ignored collisions with race, I unveil print pornography photograph, cartoon and magazine as a medium that ultimately speaks to the photograph's task of visualizing a "real" and authentic racialized body.

During the American Civil Warsexual behavior and attitudeslike many other aspects of life, were affected by the conflict.

T he lizards were totally having sex. Kathryn Hahn knew it, and even the man who owned the lizards knew it, though he was trying to be very polite about the whole situation. Hahn and I stumbled upon this strange tableau — a man, bald and tattooed and wearing tube socks, sitting at the bottom of a narrow concrete staircase with two bearded dragons on his thigh, one perched on top of the other — when we were hiking in the hills above her house in Los Feliz last June.

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